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Fragrance Free Policy Resource Page

Many hospitals, schools and places like the CDC, already have Fragrance Free Policies. 

For the health of patients, students and staff, it is imperative that personel be reminded of these policies frequently.

Share this webpage with hospitals, schools, businesses and public entities so they can easily create or update their own.


Fragrance is Perfume. Perfume is Fragrance.

Fragrance is an Access Barrier.

"Every single disease that is non-communicable is impacted by air pollution.
It is not only involved in worsening diseases but in causing them,
and new diseases that would not otherwise occur are happening because of air pollution"
- Sir Stephen Holgate, National Clean Air Conference Nov. 20, 2021

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“Environmental factors play a large role in some chronic airway disease processes (in pets) and can cause exacerbation of coughing. Owners should not smoke indoors and any possible airborne irritants such as air fresheners, incense, perfumes, and noxious fumes should be eliminated.”

Quote from: Coughing in Small Animal Patients Hsieh BM and Beets AK (2020) Coughing in Small Animal Patients. Front. Vet. Sci. 6:513. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2019.00513 Article Link:

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