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Environmental Health for Humans, Animals & the Planet

There is a toxicologist who inspires us. May his presence continue.


Click on the Interactive Poster, (including the center) to see highlights from research relating to that topic.

Do Fragrances Compromise Your Health? Poster

"The person who manages your building has a bigger impact on your health than your doctor."

-Quote by Dr. Joseph Allen, Healthy Buildings program at Harvard University's T. H. Chan School of Public Health, 2020

By utilizing excerpts from research articles, we highlight the resulting health issues and access barriers faced by individuals in medical facilities, schools and public spaces.

We invite you to share this poster to raise awareness about the negative effects of synthetic fragrance chemicals found in cleaning, laundry, household, and personal care products. 

The information behind the poster does the footwork for you and can initiate conversations about the importance of fragrance-free environments for the health and well-being of all individuals.

See our other tabs to find more information, such as examples of fragrance free policies already being implemented by differing institutions.

​This work was made possible by the relentless efforts of many volunteers.​ Your support and help will advance the mission of creating safer and healthier indoor and outdoor environments.

Please print this poster from our resources section to share it. 

Together we can make

positive environmental impact.

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