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It is our intention to provide information that initiates conversations regarding the importance of fragrance-free environments for the health and well-being of all individuals.

Our website highlights health issues and access barriers created by fragrance, focusing on medical facilities, schools and public spaces.

We invite you to share our poster to raise awareness regarding the negative effects of synthetic fragrance chemicals found in cleaning, laundry, household, and personal care products. 

​This work was made possible by the relentless efforts of many volunteers who experience and recognize health consequences to synthetic fragrance petrochemicals and fragrance oils firsthand.

Your support will advance the mission of creating safer and healthier indoor and outdoor air, cleaner water and a healthier planet.

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Environmental Health for Humans, Animals & the Planet

There is a toxicologist who inspires us. May his presence continue.

Do Fragrances Compromise Your Health? Poster

"EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) studies of human exposure to air pollutants indicate that indoor levels of pollutants may be two to five times— and occasionally more than 100 times— higher than outdoor levels."



Download and print our poster from the Resources Section.

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